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I Wrote a Piece for the New York Times

About gang culture in Chicago, and the media’s overuse of the term “gang-related,” here. Follow me on Twitter

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On the TSA’s Red Team Failures

For The Guardian, here.

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Piece up on TIME

I wrote this for, on the TSA’s automated target recognition full-body scanners. Follow me on Twitter here.

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The TSA Behavior Detection Program: Finally, the Public Hears What We’ve Been Saying for Years

I started this blog with three primary messages to bring to the public. The Big 3 were often lost in the noise of the various controversies and viral events that came from this site. But to recap, here they are: … Continue reading

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On Security Theater and the Ebola Panic

I wrote a piece for Vanity Fair on security theater and Ebola.

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Article in The Guardian

I have a Sunday Op-Ed in The Guardian today, involving the War on Terror, Hollywood plots, and the Syria campaign. I’m on Twitter here.

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And Now for Something Completely Different

I’ve mentioned before that the TSA isn’t the only thing I write and make humor about: I’ve been doing this writing thing for a while. Here’s a piece I have published today: fun with academia, English Department tweediness, and something … Continue reading

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