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Letters From Passengers: Part II.

Let’s do this. —- Dear Taking Sense Away: I have a quick question that I suspect is a relatively common issue.  Last year, I had a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction with implants.  Are my implants and scars visible on the … Continue reading

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Letters From Passengers and Screeners: Economy Size, Part 1.

I realize I said I’d try to respond to all the letters from passengers and former screeners by the end of January. Well, the end of January is here, and it ain’t happening. I have a backlog of at least … Continue reading

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Letter from a Passenger: “Any Comment on the Report that TSA Employees Are Being Instructed to Save Themselves in the Case of a Shooting Incident?”

Girl from the Burg writes in, again: Any comment on this story? “At least some unarmed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport screeners are receiving training to prepare them for the possibility of a mass shooting at one of the agency’s … Continue reading

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Letter from a Former Screener: “The TSA Attempted to Fire Me for Trying to Tell the Public That the Rapiscan Full Body Scanners Didn’t Work.”

This next letter is a first: a letter from a screener with whom I was actually familiar when I worked at TSA. I’m sure this will happen again at some point (I can’t wait until the day comes when I … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Congressman Michael T. McCaul

First of all, good morning, Chairman McCaul. Congratulations on your new appointment. I’m sure you’ll find that the TSA is more than eager to offer you their best obfuscation, excuses and attempts to mislead, as the Full Committee on Oversight and Government Reform … Continue reading

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Passenger Flashback: Airport Security in 1992.

As one reader pointed out about a month ago: uniformly criticizing the TSA is “like poking a neurologically-disabled bear with a sharp stick.” Although I do have plenty of unflattering things to say about the TSA, with a former employee’s … Continue reading

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Thank You, TSA.

Yes, the TSA finally canceled their contract with Rapiscan, meaning that the clunky, radiation iteration of the full body scanners are officially on their way out, on a national basis. This is relatively good news, dear passengers, at least insofar … Continue reading

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The TSA Responds to This Blog in the L.A. Times.

Here. Essentially, the following line of logic is what the TSA expects you to believe. I’ll just lay this out and let you draw your own conclusions. I guess I would be annoyed that they expect millions of people to … Continue reading

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Letter from a Passenger: A Petition for the TSA to be More Understanding with Cats.

As a TSA screener, the second most daunting situation (right behind foot odor) that one faces on a day-to-day basis,  is, of course, not the existential threat of terrorism. It is the moment in which a cat owner begins attempting … Continue reading

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I’ve Received a Lot of Email About How Generally Annoying the Official TSA Blog Is, Recently.

In case any of you haven’t heard, the TSA did, in fact, find guns— the same ones that have been such a hot topic in the media lately for unfortunate reasons. Coincidence? — with their 8 billion dollar annual budget, … Continue reading

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