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-If you would like to submit an imaginary terrorist plot, type “Imaginary Plot” in the subject line.

– If you would like to submit a proposed addition to the Insider’s TSA Dictionary, type “TSA Dictionary” in the subject line.

– If you would like to ask a question as a passenger, type “Letter From a Passenger” in the subject line.

– If you are an airport screener of some type, and would like to ask a question, type “Letter From a Screener” in the subject line.

-If you have something else interesting and well-written that does not fall into one of these categories, go ahead and send it.

I welcome hate mail, although I do retain the right to publish it on this site.

Some reasons I may reject your submission:

-It was just an angry passenger rant about some dumb or outrageous thing a TSA employee did to you. While I do not for one minute doubt that the TSA did in fact do some dumb and outrageous thing to you, try to bring a sense of humor and structure to your expression of it.

-It failed to display even a basic level of grammatical proficiency and or spelling. If you are a TSA employee, I will offer some leeway on this— a government discount.