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The Mundane Truth of a TSA Screener’s Average Work Day, Now On Instagram

—- On Facebook,  Twitter.

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Taking Sense Away: On Newsstands Now

When the folks at Reader’s Digest contacted me about helping them put together a TSA-themed article for their magazine, I paused long and hard. Could I possibly do such a thing? After all, what if the entries I wrote for … Continue reading

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Letters from Passengers: Extended Release

First up is a short but sweet letter from Rob. Is my TSA cartoon/article worth a plug?  -Rob — Your TSA cartoon/article is absolutely worth a plug. It turns out Rob’s an author and contributor to Boing Boing, the website … Continue reading

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Another TSA Non-Story in the News

It sometimes seems as though my job here should be to point out why most of the TSA-related things that make the news don’t deserve to make the news. This “news story” recently ran on, among other sites. From … Continue reading

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On The TSA’s Annual Recertification System

“Organizations with poor performance are an outgrowth of their culture. These cultures have turned-off and cynical employees whose primary motivation is to make it to the weekend and ultimately to retirement.” -Stewart Liff, author, human resources management expert, and federal … Continue reading

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Updates Coming Soon

Next week I’ll have a couple new posts up. And I foresee August as being a fun month.

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