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Imaginary Plot Wednesday: The TSA’s British Airport Security Allies Foil the Plot of the Plastic Bag

Submitted by R. To demonstrate how your British allies are keeping us in the U.K. safe, I can tell you that the brave, selfless security personnel, with no thought for their own safety, recently foiled the plot of the plastic … Continue reading

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Imaginary Plot Wednesdays and Mondays

I’ve decided that I’m going to be posting the Plots We Imagined contest entries on Mondays and or Wednesdays, starting this Wednesday, all the way up to the 3 winning entries. These fictional plots– inspired by the Fictional Terrorist Plot … Continue reading

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TSA Story Contest Entry #1: The STRIPPER Program

Submission by MDT, who blogs here. TSA TO REMOVE NUDE BODY SCANNERS, REPLACE THEM WITH POLES   — Washington DC- After the Transportation Security Administration discontinued the use of the controversial ‘nude’ body scanners, many wondered what new type of … Continue reading

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Updates Coming

I’m getting ready to get this party started again. Hold on to your butts. I’ll start with all the Plots We Imagined the TSA Protected Us From that I received. First plot is going up Friday. There will be a … Continue reading

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