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2 Days Left to Comment on the Full Body Scanners

The comment period that the TSA was forced to open up to the public closes on Monday. Today, the Cato Institute posted an article opining what many of us have been saying for a while, now: the TSA’s ham-handed implementation of … Continue reading

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TSA Agent Helped Pilot Cheat During Test of Heroism

Well, here’s another one from the no-surprise department: another bad apple TSA employee. Apparently, pilot Raymond Cody, while flying a single-engine plane across western Colorado, suffered a cockpit malfunction and lost all navigational equipment on his dashboard. He then called … Continue reading

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The TSA Cover Up Scandal

I’ve received a few pieces of email about this story. It’s about Mark Fraunfelder’s 15-year-old daughter being told to “cover up” due to the fact that a TSO made the moral judgement that the girl was inadequately covered in regard … Continue reading

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Letter from a Passenger: “I Intend to Begin Fucking With Barney Fife TSOs”

J.F. writes: I’ve been at an airport so often this year that I’ve started playing Spot the Excited Rookie. Recently some airports (EWR and FLL at least) have started requiring that passengers hold on to their boarding passes through the … Continue reading

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TSA Chief Orders Random Cell Phone Checks to Get Director of National Intelligence to Notice Him

Arlington, VA Amid controversy surrounding the NSA’s secret program to collect and sift through millions of records from telecommunications companies, TSA chief John Pistole has reportedly developed a huge crush on Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, ordering front-line TSA … Continue reading

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Investigators Determine Airport Wizards to be Silly.

One of the first things I spoke out about on this blog was the TSA’s SPOT program (more commonly known as the Behavior Detection program), providing a veritable link storm of expert opinions regarding the program’s uselessness. On Wednesday, the … Continue reading

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Update: Former TSA Screener/Blogger, We Hardly Knew Ye.

(link) I just found the other former TSA screener’s blog. He had a decent thing going there, and then suffered the all-too-common new blogger’s fate: he ran out of steam after a few months of writing, and abandoned the site. … Continue reading

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Ode to the Other TSA Employees Who Blogged and Vlogged Before Me.

While planning this blog back in 2011, I thought it necessary to do a lot of research into whether or not there were other current or former TSA employees out there who had started a blog. The purpose of this … Continue reading

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Confession #9: I’ve Been a Current TSA Employee, Not a Former TSA Employee, All Along.

When I started this blog, my greatest worry was that no one would find it. Then, after the blog caught media attention, my greatest worry became that the TSA would find me: I was blogging as a current TSA employee, not … Continue reading

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