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If I had to choose one thing to point you to that never got much attention (and it’s a thing that took just as much work, if not more work than anything else I’ve done with this blog) it would be:  The TSA Policy and Statement Generator.

FA Hate Q:

“It enrages me that you and your site have gained attention.”

This isn’t a question, and it certainly isn’t a frequently asked question: I’ve only received one email along these lines. But I once read the comment section of a Brazilian newspaper that re-published one of my Politico pieces, and I’m pretty sure I saw something like this (I don’t read comment sections for the most part, because commenters are usually useful only in their relation to other commenters). However, for all those who are absolutely enraged and just need to lash out at me along these lines, please read this first. If you’re still enraged, then feel free to go ahead and email me like some kind of weird stalker. You must include your resume with your email, though, as well as a pic of yourself in casual attire, which will make this entire affair even fucking weirder.


This site is dedicated, first and foremost, to TSA employees of the thinking variety. There are not many of them out there, so I figured someone needed to give them a voice and a bit of light hearted amusement to make their thankless and bureaucratically oppressive days on the checkpoint a little more tolerable; some reading material for the break room, if you will.

It is also for all those who think the TSA is an absurd, oversized wasteful bureaucracy, and who also possess at least a modicum of a sense of humor.

Ultimately, it is my way of giving back to the public after my many years of employment with the TSA; a sort of communal pressure valve for the public, as well as for the many good, workaday employees who, you may be surprised to find out, actually detest TSA far more than the flying public ever will.

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