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Imaginary Terror Plot: 2nd Place Winner (Though This One is Based on a True Story): A TSA Agent Heroically Saves a Grandmother from Explosives-laced Cash, Without Even Telling Her

Note: The following is one of the winners of the first annual Imaginary Plots contest I held a few months ago, submitted by a grandmother who asked to go by G.G. She used her submission to transform her allegedly true … Continue reading

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This Site’s Tumblr is Performing Brilliantly

I’ve been blown away by the number of amazing entries to this site’s new Tumblr, When the Terrorists Won. From “The Terrorists Won the Day Penguins Had to Walk Through a Metal Detector” to “The Terrorists Won Even in Australia.” I encourage … Continue reading

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I Wrote an Article for TIME.

Click here to read.

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Letter from a Passenger: My Vibrators, Breasts and Hair Held Me Up at Security

Hi. I have several TSA misadventures, thankfully never detained.  (Knocking on my wooden head.) Once at O’Hare on way to Cleveland,  I had TSA agents hold up my luggage because they discovered *gasp*  my vibrators.  The one, a bright green with … Continue reading

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Call for Submissions from the General Public

Over the past year-and-a-half, I’ve received a lot of email from people sharing the moment they first realized that the terrorists had won. To this end, I have started a Tumblr to serve as a repository for people’s memories of … Continue reading

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Flying in Mexico is Still Like the Old Days, Thank God

I moved to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2003 after quitting my job at Sandia National Laboratories after 9/11 took things in a different direction and dried up much of the work my department was doing.  At one point was involved in … Continue reading

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Letter from a TSA Screener

Hi Jason! I know my name is visible but it is only for your knowledge. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I spoke to you years ago when i used to work at T5. I’m a fresh TSA … Continue reading

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Letter from a Passenger: I Made a Bagful of Peanut Butter Crackers and Was No Longer Considered a Terrorist Threat

I have a backlog of approximately 400 letters from airline passengers and airport security screeners in my inbox. I’m going to be posting several Letter Super-Packs soon, for those of you who have been with this site long enough to … Continue reading

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Fictional Terror Plot Wednesday: A Letter from 11-year-old Angie

Hi Officer Smith! My name’s Angie and I’m writing to you because my mommy told me to write you a letter saying thank you for protecting my aeroplane and for letting me take my shoes off at the airport now … Continue reading

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Letter from a Former TSA Agent: San Diego International Airport in the Spotlight

And we’re back, after that tumultuous coming out from anonymity phase I just went through. I’m going to resume business as usual with this site, for the most part. Up next we have a letter from Alexandra Epstein, a former … Continue reading

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