Thank You, TSA.

Yes, the TSA finally canceled their contract with Rapiscan, meaning that the clunky, radiation iteration of the full body scanners are officially on their way out, on a national basis. This is relatively good news, dear passengers, at least insofar as it pertains to your wait times and unwanted radiation doses (the L3 ATR scanners are at least twice as fast as the Rapiscan AITs). It also means that, soon, there will no longer be any TSA screeners remotely ogling your nude images.

Although media outlets have mostly angled the TSA’s announcement as good news, I think that now would be as good a time as any for taxpayers to take a look back at the hundred million dollar blunder that was the deployment of the Rapiscan AIT machines, and realize just how amazingly idiotic the entire venture was.

For at least two years, their government was submitting them to unnecessary doses of radiation (at first, including toddlers), putting their nude images on the screens of people who were not in any way qualified to be remotely viewing and analyzing nude images of passengers, all in the name of an ill-conceived technology that was repeatedly assessed and proven– by experts and laypeople alike– to be near-useless.

If those Rapiscan radiation scanners made you angry, dear passengers, just try to imagine how angry I was, having to work those clunky, ineffective, idiotic machines for approximately 2 years. Sometime within the next week I’m going to post a warm walk down memory lane of my experiences with those scanners. Be sure to tune in.

But for now: thank you, TSA, for canceling the Rapiscan contract. It only took 3 years,  millions of taxpayer dollars, hundreds of millions of people being unnecessarily irradiated, and an outraged chorus of thousands of experts to gently guide you to that decision.


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