Letter from a Former Screener: “The TSA Attempted to Fire Me for Trying to Tell the Public That the Rapiscan Full Body Scanners Didn’t Work.”

This next letter is a first: a letter from a screener with whom I was actually familiar when I worked at TSA. I’m sure this will happen again at some point (I can’t wait until the day comes when I receive a letter from a TSA screener I actually worked with. That will be amusing. There are at least one or two people following me on Twitter who are actually former co-workers of mine, though they don’t know it.)

At any rate, this former screener worked at Newark Liberty International.  (Newark is like the little bastard problem child airport-within-the-problem-child-agency that is the TSA, an ongoing sentiment I’ve heard from screeners across the nation.)


Dear Taking Sense Away,

I worked with Jon Corbett (tsaoutofourpants.wordpress.com) and he interviewed me in a video which appeared on YouTube last April. Unfortunately, all I got for my whistle blowing was a year of underemployment. 

TSA is a joke as we both know.

In January, 2012 I sent John Mica in Florida a detailed account of how the scanners didn’t work.  As a result, TSA tried to fire me for dissemination of SSI.  I also made a follow up video with Jon Corbett in April 2012 after I quit TSA.

With regards to your open letter today to the congressman, I can tell you from experience that these politicians could care less about what goes on with TSA. They all know exactly what goes on within this joke of an agency.


Dear Former Screener,

Good point.




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