Behavior Detection Gets Slammed in the New York Times

The SPOT program– the program that has agents walking around airports looking at your body language, facial expressions, and behavior so as to try to identify terrorists– is mostly just an enormous waste of money, is the article’s conclusion, as everyone seems to conclude again and again.

This program is such a well-documented case of wasted taxpayer dollars that I can’t believe it’s still alive.

I would say that I feel sort of bad for all the perfectly nice “Behavior Detection Officers” out there who will eventually see their program cut (plus the average BDO is a little sharper than the average TSO, in my experience) but it’s not like they’ll be laid off or anything; they’ll just be reassigned in some manner, most likely. But then again, looking at this program’s history, it may very well turn out that it will continue to exist year after year despite a constant barrage of scientific studies pointing to its inefficacy.

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