Letter from a TSA Screener

Hi Jason!

I know my name is visible but it is only for your knowledge.

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I spoke to you years ago when i used to work at T5. I’m a fresh TSA employee, a few months experience which have not been pleasant.

I’m doing my masters degree and my situation forced me to get a 2nd job. Obviously this is not my dream job. Sometimes i go home crying.

I’d love if you wrote more about the incompetencies and types of people that are hired. I can even give you examples. I’m humiliated and picked on every day, i even had someone hit me with the bin cart. All because of who i am and that i am committed to my responsibilities. I may not like what I’m doing, but I’m trying to make it as good as possible because i have children and i know how a passenger feels like. I can’t stand working with idiots who do not know what to do, because if it really was a case that that shampoo was an explosive all of the planes would go down.

I hate the fact that i have incompetent supervisors or leads above me just because they knew someone. I hate to feel threatened and intimidated just because another female doesn’t like me, and since i don’t know anyone i can’t do anything about it.

I have great dreams but very little opportunity for now. I have to be there, but knowing in what type of agency i am makes me want to cry. Even though there could be something done, nothing will, because of the uneducated people who made it through their connections and seniority. Who came up with that hiring process?! Who set the standards?!

I know some people are there to make living and they will milk it as long as they can, some do it for benefits, others as a stepping stone. There are more people out there just like me who even with 2 degrees or masters, and other great aspirations can’t get any closer just yet.

It makes me worried, disappointed and disgusted, with what I’m seeing and experiencing.
What you did will definitely make my job harder, because who will be attacked? Every person in a uniform. Am I angry? No. But write more. Tell everyone about those ” high school acting kids” who should never be there. Tell about those supervisors who take no part in the checkpoint operation, who humiliate their workers. I know you’ve seen it all.

Tell them.

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