The Fallout from Coming Out from Anonymity Begins

I have received a few pieces of e-mail from people claiming to be attorneys, ominously requesting that I get back to them.

The tone of the messages: “You are in trouble.” I believe they’re people who are just trolling me. If that’s not the case, and you are an attorney trying to contact me in order to legitimately sue me or what have you, then please, e-mail me again and be clearer in your message. I’ve picked up quite a few friends at the ACLU and other civil liberties organizations over the past year and a half, as you can probably imagine. The law school at my university also has a few heavy hitters. So sure, let’s have fun with this.

I was informed today by a current TSA employee at Chicago O’Hare (a friend of mine, very nice person) that all the TSA employees at O’Hare are angry, and hate me. My friend asked me if I’ve received any death threats via e-mail, yet. No, I have not received any death threats, yet. But I will be on the lookout for them.

It’s not a surprise that TSA employees at O’Hare are angry, and cannot understand all of this.

I am a writer. Not a security officer.

To all my former fellow airport security officers: This is what writers do. We express ourselves. We put our thoughts on paper. We tell it like it is. We submit to publications. If we’re lucky, we get published. If we’re lucky, we get deals.

Many of my former co-workers at O’Hare were absolutely incredible people whom I loved. From day 2 on this blog (literally) I’ve been giving credit to the good TSA employees out there, and I will continue to do that, up until the end. I would name amazing TSA employees whom I worked with at O’Hare right now– by name, and everything– but I feel as though I shouldn’t name names in terms of bad people, and so the same should go for people whom I love– great people.

Anyone who’s been following this site from Day 1 knows this: I have taken every opportunity to defend the good, hard working, floor-level TSA employees out there. From Day 1. I will say it again: There are many good, absolutely incredible TSA employees out there. I knew many of them. If you’re a TSA employee and you’re angry right now, there’s a good chance you haven’t been reading this blog for very long.

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