Imaginary Plot Wednesdays and Mondays

I’ve decided that I’m going to be posting the Plots We Imagined contest entries on Mondays and or Wednesdays, starting this Wednesday, all the way up to the 3 winning entries. These fictional plots– inspired by the Fictional Terrorist Plot Contests Bruce Schneier used to hold– should keep coming for about 3 months or so.

In other news, I assume that it’s recertification testing season somewhere in the nation for TSA, if not everywhere. My article, “On the TSA’s Recertification System,” has been going relatively viral on Facebook, with around 200 views coming in off Facebook per day for the past week. I have a strange feeling that those are TSA employees sharing and reading the article. I also got a couple emails from TSA employees expressing their disaffection with the testing system and the higher-ups who run it.

Hey TSA employees, guess what? I’m no longer one of you guys, but I do my best to stand up for your sorry asses and get the word out about the things that are wrong with that organization. You know that the recertification system is absurd and broken as well as I do. It’s probably the worst part about the job, all around. Here’s an idea: How about some of you come out and voice your opinion on the matter in more than just emails that you don’t want me to publish? It’s your shitty testing system to deal with, not mine (anymore). If you want to just sit around quietly enduring that ridiculous bullshit, then hey, have fun with that. Don’t say I didn’t try to get the word out to the public.


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