TSA Agent Caught Smuggling Illegal Immigrants Into the U.S.

A lot of bad TSA apples getting arrested this week for things that are embarrassingly and diametrically opposed to the whole homeland security deal. Awkward.

From the story:

“David Alexander Diaz-Torres was arrested in Orlando, Florida on Friday for participating in a scheme with five others to smuggle a group of Brazilian nationals into the United States.¬†Specifically, Diaz-Torres, a TSA agent, allowed the cadre of Brazilians through a security checkpoint at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 24 of last year without questioning. The group then reportedly flew to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia on commercial flights.”

No worries, guys. The TSA Policy and Statement Generator has this one covered. 8 clicks in and I got this by typing in “Brazilians”:

“TSA has developed a risk-based deployment methodology that it continues to evaluate and modify, as needed. The recent news story of a TSA officer attempting to smuggle his illegal Brazilians through security in no way reflects upon that methodology.”

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