Taking Sense Away: On Newsstands Now

When the folks at Reader’s Digest contacted me about helping them put together a TSA-themed article for their magazine, I paused long and hard. Could I possibly do such a thing? After all, what if the entries I wrote for them ended up making the TSA look a little silly to people browsing the aisles of Walgreens and CVS stores across the nation?

Then I remembered that fuck yes I could do such a thing.

And so another former screener and I, whom you will be hearing more from soon, collaborated to bring this piece to newsstands across the nation. “13 Things TSA Security Won’t Tell You.” I think you’ll definitely recognize several of those entries (I am proud to say that the Insider’s TSA Dictionary term “Baby Shower Opt-Out” is in wide circulation, as we speak).    

So if you happen to be in a place that sells magazines any time soon, flip through Reader’s Digest and check it out. (The official credit to this blog is only in the print version of the article, I found out today at the drug store. Hey, I’ll take it.)

Update: USA Today also covered the piece, here.


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