TSA Agent Helped Pilot Cheat During Test of Heroism


Well, here’s another one from the no-surprise department: another bad apple TSA employee.

Apparently, pilot Raymond Cody, while flying a single-engine plane across western Colorado, suffered a cockpit malfunction and lost all navigational equipment on his dashboard. He then called the TSA’s coordination center at Grand Junction Regional Airport and was put in touch with CCO Gene Manzaneres. Manzaneres was able to help Cody land the plane safely, but here’s the interesting part:

They cheated. By using an iPad app. The same Apple product that TSA officers have been known to steal from the public. Coincidence?

What do you think, readers? We all know that the TSA is a uniformly evil organization bent on ruining Disney World and all warm childhood memories for America, but what are we dealing with, as far as this story goes? Was the iPad that the pilot used to cheat his way to safety bought on the black market after being stolen by the TSA employee? Or is this entire story just a fabrication meant to soften us up for the body cavity searches that we all know are coming?

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