Fair and Balanced TSA Discussion, Part 1: How Long Until the TSA is Complicit in Ruining Disney World and All Childhood Memories for America?

They’ll make you take your shoes off to enter this.


I try to be a reasonable person, I really do. I have come here to discuss the TSA, not to be alarmist about it. The TSA gets slammed in the media enough. After all, how many other government agencies find themselves having to fend off earnest accusations of flying reconnaissance drones over football games?

And so in this installment of my ongoing quest to clear my email inbox by the end of January, I will be giving equal blog space to different sides of the “to-despise TSA because it will one day ruin Disney World and America’s future childhood memories, or not to-despise TSA because it will one day ruin Disney World and America’s future childhood memories” question.

Our first letter comes from Ginny, an anonymous current screener, whom you may remember from Hate Mail Part 2.

Ginny writes back:

I guess ‘asshole’ is just an easy thing to call a person, however I do apologize for using such language. Behind Anonymity it’s easy to forget your manners. So once again, I do apologize for using such a harsh word.

To be honest, the thing that irks me the most about this all is the fact that people are now taking everything you do and say as fact despite there being hundreds of airports out there where these things don’t happen. Even though you’re anonymous for the most part, you’re still giving the other thousands of workers an even worse name. That is basically my main issue as I so ‘eloquently’ stated in my first email. For the most part, the blog just seems to be a bash on the TSA with nothing to show that there are hard-working TSOs out there doing a job that they believe is needed and actually provide security to the flying public. However, things such as pay and a poor hiring process along with a horrible system of part-time workers causes the TSA to retain terrible screeners and force screeners who actually want to work out as a TSO position is just not economically viable for many months after taking the job…




Dear Ginny,

Good to hear from you again. I appreciate the implicit acknowledgement from a current screener that the things I write about on this blog do happen at some airports, which is of course more than the TSA is able to officially acknowledge. Sorry I cut your email off about halfway through, but you were encroaching upon a child’s warm memory of Disney World and the TSA.




Our next email comes from someone who was going to have an entire post dedicated to him or her, until Ginny came along again, complaining about how I portray the TSA, thereby ruining everything.

Anonymous writes:

Hello there.

I just happened to stumble across this blog, and wanted to share with you my first experience with the TSA.

In 2003, my father won a trip to Disney World for the whole family. I was about 6 years old, and was really excited to be spending the 4th of July with Mickey and Cinderella. So we went to JFK, and since I was a little kid, told the TSA agent about how I was going to Disney. She then told me to tell Mickey hello for her.

With how the world is today, I just wanted to let others know that the TSA was kind to a little kid excited to be going to Disney for the first time.



Dear Anon,

How does it feel that, 10 years later, another TSA employee came along and forced you to surrender your very own blog post?




And to wrap it all up, with the final word on whether or not the TSA is going to ruin Disney World for America, is Aaron, who writes in:

Hi there…

What’s your take on this?

I don’t like the looks of it, personally. My questions are 1.Will we be stopped for inspection any time we leave the house? 2.Will they want an “Enhanced VIPR” through which they can enter our houses and test us at any time?  3. Where does it end?  And 4. How does it fit into the “Transportation” aspect of TSA?


Dear Aaron,

1. You will only be stopped on a random basis when leaving the house by 2020.

2. Yes.

3. Not Disney World, I’ll tell you that.

4. Amusement park rides and running backs are sort of transportation-ish. They’ll make it fit.


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