Taking Sense Away

In Response to an Official Government Response.


So, I decided to check the official TSA blog a few minutes ago, owing, I suppose, to a sudden urge to look at beautifully laid-out photos of inert weaponry, and lo and behold, I discovered that about a week ago, “Blogger Bob” commented on some things involving this blog and the media’s coverage of it. Blogger Bob (I am actually going to stop referring to him as Blogger Bob, because it makes me feel as though we are living in a Sesame Street episode, or some such) Bob Burns ran a very official government boilerplate response-type line: “The officers are always professional in the backscatter image review rooms, they’re too busy looking for terrorist threats for any horseplay, that anonymous source is not to be believed, pay no mind,” etc.

Look. I respect the intelligence of this blog’s readers, so all I am going to do is point the good reader to another story that hit the media in May of 2011, right around the time that the backscatter radiation machines were being installed en masse around the country. This story definitely made the rounds of TSA screeners at the time, though it may have slipped under your radar or faded from your memories, dear passengers.

Here is the story of some TSA employees, concerning the backscatter radiation full body scanners. Extrapolating from this, I’ll let the reader decide whether or not he or she believes that TSA employees have ever acted in a less-than-professional manner concerning passenger images.

That’s all.