Letter from a Former Screener.

Myca writes:

As soon as I read your blog I had to write you. please excuse my typos as I have MS and my hands dont work like they used to.

I was a TSA screener at LAX. I’m concerned about my fellow screeners.  Numerous screeners are coming down with brain tumors and various cancers. Of my old co workers 6 have died and even more are getting diagnosed and coming down with symptoms of cancer and other auto immune diseases, like mine. Since there really isn’t a place for screeners all over the country to discuss this I figured writing you might get some attention. I think the public should know that the radiation from our machines CAN/WILL cause cancer. I hold TSA responsible because as you sit in your training classes your told that everything is safe…do it for 9/11…but we as screeners are NOT safe. The job is killing many old co-workers and some amazingly strong people that I have been blessed to work beside. I now worry that I might one day find out I have cancer. I have 3 kids. I can’t afford to get cancer. I am tired of attending funerals. And even more tired of FB posts from good people announcing their cancer diagnosis. Just last week a 30 y/o screener messaged me saying “I have inoperable brain tumor.” I’m so scared. Please help me spread the word and try and unite those that are sick so we can take a stand to protect everyone.


Former TSA-LAX


(Editor’s note: I personally knew many, many TSOs who felt uneasy working backscatter radiation machines for typical 8 to 10 hour shifts, and so this letter is, at the very least, representative of the concerns of many TSA employees whom I have personally known. LAX recently replaced their backscatter machines with MMW scanners, as the TSA has begun doing all across the nation, though I believe there are still at least dozens of them in operation. I will gladly forward to Myca the contact information of anyone who would like to get in touch with her.)

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