Hate Mail, Part 1: Wherein I Am Called a Traitor.

Well, it’s happened. I got my first piece of hate mail the other day. Actually, my second, but the first was nearly unintelligible. This is the first coherent piece of hate mail, sent by an anonymous person, who I think it’s fair to say works for a certain agency.

“Dear traitor,

Why don’t you tell the people reading your site about the pension you’ll be getting when you reach retirement? You were with TSA for 7 years, right? That means you’ll be getting a small pension, and you know it. Tell us: since you are so critical of the TSA’s policies, are you going to refuse the retirement benefits on principle, too?

And one last thing: do you really think that the Federal government doesn’t already know who you are, genius? Take a look at the bottom of your computer. See that? It’s called an IP NUMBER and the government keeps a database of all of them. You’re probably already on some watch list.

Nice job, asshole.”

Well, well, well, looks like we got ourselves a live one here. First of all, I am not critical and caustic toward all the TSA’s policies; just the extremely dumb ones. Yes, I was told by the guy in HR as I dropped off my uniform that I would qualify for some kind of pension, but that wouldn’t be for at least another 40 years, and who knows, then. Second, the pension the TSA gives its employees at five (or 3) years would come to about 20 bucks a month, in my case. I am going to give that much away each month for the next year when I host my monthly Plots We Imagine TSA Saved Us From Today contests. So it all comes out even.

On a final note, dear anon, I have to say I am worried about your conception of internet and computer things, especially concerning “IP Numbers.” I think you’re conflating “IP addresses” with “serial numbers.” But please write back if you have any inside information concerning the TSA attempting to confiscate people’s IP addresses in the name of the Old Airport Terror Fight.

Wishing you the best,


Send all hate mail to takingsenseaway@gmail.com.

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