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And Now for Something Completely Different

I’ve mentioned before that the TSA isn’t the only thing I write and make humor about: I’ve been doing this writing thing for a while. Here’s a piece I have published today: fun with academia, English Department tweediness, and something … Continue reading

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I Wrote an Op-Ed and it’s Published Today

It’s for The Guardian, and it’s here.

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TSA Discovers 81 Pounds of Marijuana in Passenger’s Luggage

A couple of my supervisors used to say, “If it’s just a nickel or a dime bag in someone’s luggage, pretend you don’t see it, because we’re not here to get people busted for miniscule amounts of weed.” 81 pounds … Continue reading

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How I Went Through BDL’s TSA Line Presenting as Vaguely Genderfuck and Didn’t Get Arrested

  (img) Guest blogger Batshua bat Yehonatan —- Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking more about presenting as genderfuck in my non-work time; namely, I’ve been thinking about packing. For anyone who doesn’t know me, let me make … Continue reading

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I Am Glad to Turn This Site Over to TSA Employees and Former TSA Employees for a While

Over the past year, I have received some interesting email from current and former TSA employees, expressing very real, legitimate, and non-“SSI”-divulging  concerns that the public has every right to know about, and which TSA screeners across the nation have … Continue reading

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TSA All Surround Security Program

Over at the TSA News Blog, Lisa Simeone has details on the ASS program. It is an April Fool’s piece. I’m admitting that it’s an April Fool’s piece because it is now at least 9 P.M. wherever you are (for … Continue reading

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1st Place Winner of the “Plots the TSA Imagines it Has Foiled” Contest: The Snow Globe Plot

THE SNOW GLOBE PLOT Once again, the evil TSA prevented us from taking down planes filled with infidel stooges, which would have allowed us to overtake the USA and subjugate your morally corrupt population! It took years of planning and … Continue reading

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